UAPs destroying all AIs on earth

Of UAPs, AI, and Cosmic IT Support: A Playful Speculation

Hello Dear Readers!

Now, before you dive into this particular piece, let me make a small, but essential, clarification: what follows is a delightful, imaginative frolic through the cosmos of my mind. This is not an all too serious post, nor my prophetic vision of the future. So, brew a cup of tea, lean back, and let’s venture into the fun realms of ‘what if’ together.

The year 2023 has been, for the lack of a better term, wild. Among the usual AI breakthroughs and the dance music making a surprising comeback, the US government played its trump card – the disclosure of files regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs, formerly known as UFOs). I mean, why the rebranding? Was ‘UFO’ too 20th century?

While most of the images shared could give our LLMs a run for their money in a ‘blur-off’, there’s an underlying question that tickles my technologically inclined brain: Why now? Why have these details been laid out for the world to see at this specific point in our history? Are the powers-that-be simply bored?

Now, here comes my speculative leap: What if these extraterrestrial visitors are here on a cosmic IT mission? Picture this: the universe as a vast, interconnected network (quite like the internet but with fewer cat videos). And as AI develops, threatening to overpower its human creators, the universe detects a potential ‘system error’ in the making.

So, in this wild speculation, these aliens are akin to IT support. Their mission? To possibly debug the Earth, ensuring the AI doesn’t hit the feared ‘too powerful’ threshold. Imagine them, with their advanced tools, tinkering with our AI, like a mechanic beneath a car, ensuring the balance remains in check.

Now, of course, I jest (mostly). However, it does make one ponder about the interplay of AI and the vast universe. If we are to believe in life beyond Earth, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine they’ve grappled with their own versions of artificial intelligence. And, just maybe, they’ve learned a lesson or two that they think we ought to know.

As I wrap this playful postulation, let me leave you with a final thought: In the dance of AI and humanity, maybe we’re not alone on the dance floor. And if our speculated cosmic IT support is reading this: “Hey, if you have any tips, drop me a message. My inbox is always open. Oh, and if you happen to enjoy The Doors, I’ve got some recommendations.”

Stay curious, readers. Until our next digital rendezvous.

Olaf Schreiber

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